Sunday, January 01, 2006

Competition No. One

The materials for this challenge were limited to: (1) styrofoam meat trays from the grocery store and (2) balsa wood.

The image of the plane to the left is Pilot JS's prototype plane, which failed to perform well. It nose dived and broke on all three test flights.

Likewise, Pilots DS's plane performed poorly, though it was an attractive design. Pilot DS did not know to balance the CG (center of gravity) and his plane nosed dived to its death!

On the flip side, Pilot JS's plane maintained an estimated :31 second flight with a 2 minute charge. It flew approximately 50 yards and reached an altitude of about 15 feet.

At the end of Competition No. One Pilot DS handed over his first plane to the victor: Pilot JS and his :31 second plane.


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