Monday, January 02, 2006

Competition No. Three -- Friendly Fire

After Competition No. Two Pilot JS was awarded a "Piper Super Cub 95" balsa wood construction kit, by Guillow's. Photos will be posted upon the completion of the build.

Both pilots remained unfulfilled after the competition and they decided to have a "friendly" battle with no prize or losses involved. The rules are simple -- using the motor/prop/battery and any building materials they like they are to build a plane that maintains flight for :60 seconds. There is no deadline on the build or flight dates. It is ongoing. The first pilot to reach :60 seconds does not win, because if the other pilot can immediately beat the first pilot's flight by an additional :15 seconds. Then the pilots will continue to battle it out in :15 second-increments until the winner is determined.

Unfortunately, due to wet landing strips and poor weather conditions this competition is put on hold until spring 2006. Both pilots have built planes they are tweaking.

Pilot DS built a sports plane adaptation of the Piper Cub. It is a drunken plane and slips and slides in flight as it struggles to find stability. The elevator(s) work like ailerons providing both up/down and left/right trim.

Pilot JS's plane flies in a gentle and perfect left turn. It is the most stable plane to date that either pilot has built. On its first test flight in Pilot JS's backyard it reached 25-30' in altitude before it crashed into the second story of his neighbor's brick house. After repairs, he decided the tail/elevator construction was too weak (it was cut with the grain, but should go against the grain) so he modified it, but unfortunately did not mark the CG. On the next test flight the plane easily mantained :20 second flights while dragging its tail through the air. Pilot JS is confident that the plane will maintain :60 plus seconds of flight and reach 30-50' altitude after he readjusts the CG. The plane is not only stable in flight, but it is also very hardy when landing -- an important characteristic in these competitions.


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