Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Harbor Freight Plane Challenge

"The Harbor Freight Plane Challenge" is a competition that continues to evolve between two friendly RC plane pilots. The Harbor Freight (HF) airplane can be purchased for $6.99 (Google Harbor Freight and search for "airplane") on sale - sales are frequent.

Pilot JS first challenged Pilot DS in Spring 2005 to gut the HF plane for motor, prop, battery, and charger and build three planes (1) with styrafoam and balsa (2) with balsa wood (3) with a kit. The winner was determined by who's plane stayed in the air the longest. The loser would hand over his plane (pink slip) at the end of each competition. The winner of two out of three competitions was awarded a rubberband plane kit ($15) from the local hobby store.

The winner of this competition was Pilot JS.

1) Pilot DS currently flies an Hobbyzone Outlaw RTF and recently purchased an SDM Piper Cub J-3 RTF.
2) Pilot JS flies a Graupner Mini Piper and is currently building a Potensky Eagle EPP.


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