Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Learning 3-D

Hell's Eagle

This is my newest addition to my fleet. It is an Potensky EPP Eagle. This model came out in 2005; therefore it is an older model. I purchased it through Hobby-Lobby on clearance at $79 including 300 speed motor / 5:1 gear drive / ESC. Not a bad price. I put a Hitec Electron 6, two HS-50 & two HS-55 servos in it. It earned its name because it became a pain in the butt to get into the air. I learned a lot along the way, such as (1) never bench test at full throttle (2) be careful sanding EPP foam (3) it is better to burn a hole than drill through EPP -- to name a few. I killed my speed control before I ever got the bird in the air and replaced it with a 12 AMP ESC. The stock battery and compartment do not meet the CG; therefore I am going to have to create a new battery compartment. I cut foam out and moved battery as far forward as possible -- all the way to the wheel braces. It's not far enough forward. I did test fly it & with a tail heavy plane and a pilot that over sticks ailerons the plane rolled into the ground. The worst damage was the servo hing on the rudder broke off -- fixed in 5 minutes with epoxy -- simple. This is my first 4 channel plane I have owned. The next step is to meet with a local experienced pilot and reset the CG and go up with him using a "training cord." I use a Hitec Flash-5 radio and he owns a Hitec as well. This plan should yield best results without damaging plane. More posts to come...


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